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Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet is a pretty good online poker website to play on.

Below we've listed some of the good, and some of the bad points of the Ultimate Bat poker room:



There are many different game options; including small stake games (good for the beginner who is learning the game) up to million dollar tournaments (for those who think they've mastered the game and are ready to win some real money)

There are many reload bonus offers - not just for new players



The usability of Poker as an online poker room isn't very impressive - simple things like typing chat in a game can be very hard to do.

Everything happens on one screen, so if you close the screen you close the whole online poker site

The graphics are a bit blocky

There aren't very many people playing here, so waiting for a game can take a while

It's hard to work out what time a tournament starts in the tournament lobby because it tells you what time it starts at, but not the time zone of that time; and it doesn't have a clock counting down the minutes until the tournament starts

The picture of the poker table is nice, but there are no avatars to help personalize it and make it seem like you are playing against real people

When a pile of chips is bet there is no number beside it indicating what ahs been bet

The bonus dollars, are held in a bonus account and given to you slowly every time you play a tournament - the bonus dollars can be hard to get, unless you play well

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