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Poker Bonus Codes

Party Poker Bonus Codes:

100% up to $500 Extra on First Deposit Bonus Code: POUK

Using this bonus code when you make your first real money cash deposit with Party Poker you will get a cash bonus of 100% of the amount that you deposited added to your real money account. You can get a bonus of anything up to $500 depending on how much your first real money deposit is.

Free $25 on Sign Up Bonus Code: POUK25


Free cash bonus with Poker Stars:

Poker Stars works slightly differently to Party Poker as far as poker sign up bonus codes are concerned. For Poker Stars you dont need an actual Sign Up Bonus Code, but you can get free cash when you sign up to play at Poker Stars simply by clicking on this link and signing up through their form. If you want to try Poker Stars then simply click through and sign up and the free cash will be added to your account as you begin to play real poker with this great poker room.

What is a poker bonus code (poker sign up bonus code)?

Poker bonus codes are also known as signup bouns codes. There are two kinds of poker bonus codes:

The first kind of poker bonus code is the most common. This bonus code is the bonus code used by first time sign ups on their first real money deposit in an online poker site (poker room).

This poker bonus code is used by a player that signs up to a poker room that he or she has never signed up to before.

Most online poker sites such as Party Poker make it so that once you join up to their online poker site you can never sign up again using another ID.

This means that you only get one sign up bonus per poker site; so the first time you try an online poker site you should make sure that use a poker room bonus code to get your free money from that poker room.

Because Party Poker and Poker Stars and other online poker rooms take your name address and credit card details and run a check on you it means that you can't just open a new poker account by using a different credit card - that one account will be your only account for life. US casino sites offer you a bonus to play video poker and other great casino games.

Before you join any online poker room you should find the suitable online poker bonus code before making your first deposit. You can use the bonus codes on this page to get your free cash, or you can go to the Poker Online UK homepage and click on one of the poker sites' banners and your poker bonus code will automatically be accepted on that poker site, and you will automatically receive your free money when you make your first real money cash deposit.

The second kind of poker bonus code is a little rarer. This is the bonus code that you can use once you have already signed up to an online poker site. This poker bonus code allows you to get free money when you make you next cash deposit.

These bonus codes are usually provided by the online poker sites, such as Party Poker or Poker Stars, by ways of a private email to you.

This second type of poker bonus codes usually comes with restriction. Restrictions on this free money usually come in the form of withdrawals or raked hands. By this I mean that you may not be able to withdraw the free money, or you may not be able to withdraw any money until you have played a certain number of "raked hands".

"Raked hands" is a term given to real money games that don't have a set buy-in, and you have to take your real money to the table with you, instead of a fixed amount of chips.

In summary:

An Online Poker Bonus Code = Free Money

.and free money is always a good thing!

We will soon be providing you with a list of bonus codes for many poker sites.

Sign-up bonus codes

By Jo K

You will often see an advert to sign up to a poker site offering you a sign up bonus.  The poker site offers the bonus code to entice you to sign up with them rather than one of the other poker sites.  It’s a bit like getting extra free minutes when you sign up for a mobile phone.  It’s often a percentage of the initial deposit amount so the more you deposit when you sign up the more you will get as a bonus.  There is however also a maximum amount of bonus that you can receive which again varies form one site to another.

So what are bonus codes exactly? 

Well it’s a specific alphanumeric string or code that you must enter when making your deposit.  This can be when you first sign up for a poker account or when you have been playing for some time and make a further deposit. The main difference between the types of bonus codes is whether they are cash match bonuses or raked hand requirement bonuses.

Cash match bonus: The amount of cash you deposit will be matched and added to your account. This can sometimes have other conditions attached so make sure you read any small print or terms and conditions.

Raked hand requirement: The bonus will be added to your account after so many raked hands have been played.  A qualifying raked hand is one that a player is dealt cards in a hand and the player then contributes to the pot.  There is also often a minimum contribution amount to qualify as a raked hand and this varies from one site to another.

The amount and terms and conditions surrounding bonus codes vary from one poker site to another. 

Reload bonus codes

This is basically a way in which the poker site keeps you with them - like a loyalty bonus. By offering you further bonuses when you make further deposits you are less likely to go to another poker site after you have used your initial poker sign up bonus. Reload Bonus codes are often something which poker sites entice you with if you haven’t used your account for a while to get you playing again. They are also offered during holiday times as it's expected you’ll have more free time to play.

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