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Think Back and Adjust Your Poker Strategy

Poker is a constantly evolving game, unlike most casino games. For example, the Keno rules and the strategies for the game have been basically the same throughout the Keno history, but this is not true for poker. Even the best poker players often say that they are always learning something new. The players who are open to learning new things are usually the ones that succeed. Those poker players who are set in their ways--absolutely convinced that their methods are the best and all their conclusions are right--are usually setting themselves up for a big fall.

Turning Losing Poker Sessions into Learning Poker Sessions

One way to apply what you have learned in poker is to think back over previous hands and sessions and adjust your strategy accordingly. A great time to do this is after a losing session. Losing sessions are unpleasant and depressing, but if you turn them into a learning experience, they can become positive. When you’ve had a losing day, or even a losing week, month, or several months, take the opportunity to examine your game for leaks. Go over your key hands and ask yourself was it bad play or bad luck that cost you the chips. You need to be wary of results-oriented thinking. Just because you lost a hand doesn’t mean you played it badly and just because you won doesn’t mean you played it well. However, when you think back, you may discover that a situation that you had previously ascribed to bad luck has been happening to you much more often than the odds would suggest. This may lead you to explore further and discover a leak in your game you did not even know you had.

Applying New Poker Knowledge

Bring your newfound knowledge to your next session. Once again, don’t get too excited if you don’t start winning right away. There is still luck to overcome. However, if over repeated trials you see a significant positive change in your results, you can attribute this change in poker strategy as successful. Don’t let this be the end of the story. You should constantly be looking back over your sessions and searching for leaks and strategic errors to correct. This is what the professionals do and if you wish to succeed in poker, you should do it as well.

Strategic Adjustments and Online Poker

Playing online poker can be a great way to think back and adjust your strategy. Online poker sites provide downloadable hand histories. Using these you can actually look back and see what types of poker plays are profitable for you and which ones cost you money. Use this information to adjust your strategy online and you may see very rapid positive results.

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