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Poker Stars Review

Poker Stars is a very good place to play online poker. Is it one of our favourite sites. It doesnt have all of the playability of Party Poker, but it is regarded as one of the most professional online poker rooms.

Poker Stars and has some very nice features:

You can upload your own picture for your avatar

There are only 9 players per table (in contrast to Party Poker's 10) which is appealing to many, as it can be easier to play against 8 opponents rather than 9.

A really good thing for many is that the players in here are more professional; hence there are less crazy players going all in at the drop of a hat. This can make games more about skill, and less about luck.

Poker Stars will tell you if a player has been disconnected. This is an advantage for the player who will get frustrated and annoyed at not knowing why some players are taking so long to play.

A great advantage that Poker Stars has over Party Poker is that when two or more players go all in the cards are dealt slowly so that you can see what hands each player has, and what each player needs on the next card.

Reasons that this site is not as good as Party Poker are:

Although you do have your own picture uploaded the graphic does not resemble a real poker table as much as party poker's table graphics does.

The dealing of the cards is not as smooth as Party Poker's dealing - it is more like that of a robot.

Another annoying little point is that when someone bets they place a pile of chips on the table. This pile doesn't have a number next to it that quickly tells you what the bet is. This can be a pain if some makes a bet then someone raises it then it is not easy to see how much the original bet was, and how much it was raised by; and when you fold in a hand and are watching the other players you do not know how much each player is betting and raising - this can make it harder to judge how your opponents play.

A negative point of Poker Stars is the same as one of its positives: it is more professional. The bad point of this is that it is less about fun.

Another bad point is that there is a big list of tables that you can play on, instead of this list being broken into categories. This can make it frustrating when you are trying to quickly find a certain type of table e.g. A No Limit Texas Holdem two table game for a $5 stake.

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