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Poker Online UK is the new essential guide for online poker

The start of August 2006 sees the official launch of the top guide to online poker rooms, Poker Online UK. This will be an historic event in years to come. Poker players all over the globe will in the future say "I remember when Poker Online UK was launched". Poker Online UK is the new guide for anyone who wants to find out where the best places are to play online poker. The site is run by a couple of poker enthusiasts that have played a lot of poker both online and off; who want to inform new players to the online version of the game about the best places to play online poker.

Poker Online UK gives "PokerRank" scores for the top online poker rooms, and also gives descriptions of these rooms to let you know why the guys have scored the poker sites how they have. This is a great resource for the poker player who is starting to play online for the first time. These independent opinions help a new player know the places to stay away from, and the best places to try out.

Another great benefit that the Poker Online UK website gives to the new online poker player is Poker Bonus Codes. Poker bonus codes can be used by a new player to get them free money when they join an online poker site. The first poker bonus code used by Poker Online UK , for the very popular poker room Party Poker, is "POUK". If a new player signs up to play at party poker that player can put POUK in the "bonus code" box when filling the form out in the process of signing up for Party Poker, and that player will receive a free 20% of their first cash deposit, and can receive anything up to $100 free! Another poker bonus code for Party Poker is POUK25. This code will give the new player a free $25 when they sign up and make their first deposit, no matter how much their first deposit is.

It simple to type POUK in the box when signing up with Party Poker, but the Poker Online UK website makes it even easier. For most of the poker rooms listed on the homepage of Poker Online UK it's simply just a matter of clicking on the special link to that poker room and the bonus cash will be added to the new players account as soon as they make their first deposit. For example: if you click on this link now and make your first cash deposit there will be a free $25 added to the real cash account when the Party Poker account is created.

Poker Online UK also provides other great information for prospective poker players. The site has a page detailing poker hands and poker rules that anyone can use to help them learn how to play poker, and as a guide to which hand beats which. There is also a page dedicated to Texas Holdem Rules so that even an old hand poker player can learn to play the poker game that's swept the Globe: Texas Holdem.

The Poker Online UK site is already a great resource for the online poker player or prospective player; and this site is developing rapidly. This shall see the beginning of something really great.

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