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Party Poker Review

The graphics & animation and look and feel of party poker gives you a better sense of playing a real game.

Below the playing table is a chat box where you can type in comments to chat to the other players at your table. You can use this chat for the dealer to give you info about the game, or just use it for player chat, or turn it off completely to concentrate on your poker game.

The only bad thing that I can say about party poker is that the suspense of an all-in is slightly spoiled because when an all-in is called the cards are dealt very fast; sometimes leaving you wondering who won and how.

You can however view the last hand to see who won, and with what hand; just in case you did miss the action of a previous hand.

Party poker gives you a lot of different options. You can play 7 card stud, or Omaha if you like, and you can play Texas Holdem in many different forms. You can play cash on table games, or pay a fixed price to enter tournaments. There are many different tournaments to choose from. There are single table tournaments ranging from $6 to enter to $530; for the real poker players.

If you want higher odds to play for then there are a whole range of multi-table tournaments to play in. for "sit and go" multi-tables you can play 20, 30 or 50 player tournaments. Then there are big tournaments where thousands can play, and the prize pool can be as much as a million dollars!

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Party Poker also offers fun poker tournaments: Steps, and Shootouts.

In steps poker tournaments there are 5 different "steps" you need to conquer to win a BIG prize. You can buy in at any step, with step 1 being very cheap to enter and step 5 being a lot more expensive to enter. When you enter step 1 you make your way up the steps by winning your table, or coming second in some circumstances. If you don't win there is an array of different prizes you can get: for example for coming 4 th you could get a free entry to try that step level again. So for you $5 you could play lots of games, and have lots of fun, and maybe even win one of the big prizes.

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Shootouts are big tournaments with 110 players starting off at 11 tables. With 10 players per table the top 3 of each table left at the end of round 1 make it into round 2. each player keeps the amount of chips that they ahs at the end of the last round, with a little top up in the next round. The players will receive a payout at the end of each round, if they make it into the next round. Those payouts are relative to the position that player finishes and the level of the round they just completed.

If the player survives 3 rounds the 4 th round is the final round, where the big payouts are.

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