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Caribbean Stud tips

by Mark Kesting

Caribbean Stud poker is one of the most popular poker variations in the world. It is a very interesting game to play. If you know something about this game you surely know that Caribbean Stud poker is played against a dealer. It is actually one poker variation played against the house and not against other poker players. Another thing to know about this type of poker is based on Five-Card Stud poker so it uses basically the same hand rankings. Just like any other table game, Caribbean Stud poker has a higher advantage for the house in a long run. So, the basic idea is that Caribbean Stud poker is a game played more for fun than profit.

But it is not impossible to win at Caribbean Stud poker if you know the rules of the game pretty well and have a great game strategy. There are some basic tips that you should remember although. They will absolutely help you increase your chances of winning.

First of all, always fold if you don't have at least an Ace and a King. Make a call and bet only if you have a pair or better than that; or in case you have at least a King and an Ace and one of your other cards is the same as the dealer's card facing up.

The smart way to play this type of poker is using the basic game strategy. The basic strategy is very simple: you have to avoid bluffing on weak and insignificant hands and fold if you have low pairs. Another important thing, never make a progressive jackpot wager if the amount of the jackpot is not substantial. The majority of Caribbean Stud poker players make two common mistakes. The first is folding if they have a small pair and the second mistake is bluffing the dealer when they have a very weak hand. Big mistake. Bluffing in Caribbean Stud poker is absolutely not advisable. In most situations you will be the one to lose.

Another great tip and very good to keep in mind is to quit while you are ahead. Many poker players just don't know when it's the right time to stop. It is better to leave the poker table with profit than with an empty bank account. The best moment to quit the game and move on is when you have doubled your initial amount of money. Get out a winner. Money management is also very important. Keeping track of your money during the game is the best way to know when to stop.

If you choose to play Caribbean Stud poker in an online casino a great thing would be to practice for free before you enter a real money game. Almost every online casino and poker site offer their clients to play for free, practice their skills and get a clear idea of how a game of Caribbean Stud really works. Take advantage of this and have some fun.

Caribbean Stud poker has always attracted many people at the poker tables and it will continue to do so, because it is a fun and unique game. Knowing a few extra information, some useful tips and tricks won't do you any harm, they will only increase your chances of winning some good pots, or who knows even the big jackpot.

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