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Blackpool Club Poker Review

Blackpool Club Poker is a fast paced online poker website that has hundreds of different games to choose from. The navigation is really easy to use, and also offers a quick search feature that uses filters to allow you to quickly choose the best game for you.

The graphics in the game are just right and allow the game to flow at a good speed. There is a good chat feature with optional add on’s that you can activate by simply clicking a button. There is a great feature that you can use to trace the game’s history and moves. You can really customise the game to suit your personality and gameplay by using options such as "choosing your avatar", "show folded cards",  "auto muck" and "view hand strength".

You can also choose to keep it simple by choosing the option for a smaller table with no player animation or choose full screen mode to concentrate all of your attention to the game.

There is a great feature that allows you to view your stats and see how much you had bet on certain hands and review how you’ve played.

Also by creating a player note you can keep tabs on your opponents playing techniques, every time you play against them your notes will appear in a bubble above the opponent. Alternately if you meet a player you like to play against, you have the option to add them to your buddies list.

The Blackpool Club poker room is quick and easy to install and has a 24/7 help centre which can be contacted via instant chat or alternatively by telephone, email or fax.

To visit the Blackpool Club website and find out more about them click on this link.

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