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This is a good online poker site for the UK poker player. Not quite the match for Party Poker, but not down amongst the wayside like some of the sites we've played on.

Positive points of Poker :

A great thing about Poker is that there are lots of $1 tables to play at.

A good thing about Poker is that during an all in the cards are dealt slowly, so you can see what you have before the hand is over.

Negative points for Poker :

The usability of Poker as an online poker room isn't very impressive - simple things like viewing the last hand of the game or simply just to chat in a game can be very hard to do.

There are no avatars or characters at the poker table in Poker; this can make the game feel less real and more just like a computer game.

The Poker software can often crash, so you have to restart it - this is a terrible flaw: if you are in the middle of a very important hand and the software crashes you could lose due to no fault of your own - an unforgivable flaw.

An admin flaw that this site has is that you cant create your own password for it. Therefore whenever you want to play a game you have to hunt out the Poker password to play - how annoying!

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