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Seven Card Stud Tips

Seven Card Stud is a very popular poker variation. You need to know that this type of poker is a little different than Texas Holdem or Omaha poker.

Seven Card Stud has a different structure but it is a very easy game to understand and play. It is a high card game, because the majority of hands are won by high pairs and high two pairs.

Seven Card stud is fun to play and with a few tips every player has the chance to make some money. So, let's see what you have to do to increase your chances of winning that pot money.

If you start a game with a high pair, try to play fast and aggressive, this way you will eliminate some of the competition, leaving you with much more chances to take the pot.

In case you have a strong draw hand like a straight or a flush, always play slower. You don't want to eliminate all the other players out of the game you need them to put money into the pot.

Starting trips should always be played rather slow, until comes the fifth card, because you need the other players in the game, especially with such a strong starting hand. If you were lucky enough to have such a powerful hand at the beginning, at least play carefully so that you will win a good pot.

Never play low hands. Due to the fact that this poker variation is all about high cards, not even a low flush can be in your advantage. Try to evaluate your situation and play only good hands. Do not just enter a hand just for the sake of being in the game, you will sure be luckier next time.

Always keep your eyes on the board. Watch out for key cards that can seriously damage your hand. Many players make the mistake of not paying to much attention to what happens on the board and they ruin their chances of making a great poker hand. Try to be careful and try not to play reckless. If things do not look good for you the best thing to do is to fold.

Always watch out for paired door cards. This can be tricky because your opponent might have a set of dangerous trips under his sleeve. Be careful how you play.

Try to observe your opponents when you didn't enter a hand. Watch out their reactions study their game, how do they play their hands, when they fold or bluff, try to see what kind of opponents you have and try to discover anything about them that can give you a clue about their game.

Do not bluff excessively, try to get caught now and the, or you may become a little too predictable to your enemies. And being predictable in poker is suicide.

If you want to win at Seven Cards Stud always start the game with three high cards, three to a flush, three to a straight or with pairs. These are the best starting hands.

The key to winning at Seven Cards Stud are the first four cards. If you have a good plan and if you are lucky and your plans work according to what you hand in mind at the beginning of the game you have strong chances to be a winner. In case things are not exactly as you wanted, get out of the game as early as possible. If you know how to play great four card hands you will surely win more money than your opponents, even if you won't always win.

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