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Poker Online UK is your place to find out about the best online poker sites to play in. Even if you are not in the UK you can find out here the best places to play online poker.

Here on Poker Online UK you can get the best poker sign up bonus codes that you can enter into the form that you fill out to join a poker room… or even easier, if you click on one of the below banners to join a poker room your sign up bonus code will automatically be put into the system so that you automatically get your bonus without having to enter a code.

Poker Online UK gives you our score out of 10 - the PokerRank - of the top online poker sites on the internet, whether you're in the UK, Ireland, the US, or anywhere in the world.

Poker Online UK also has a collection of poker articles for you to read about online poker, online gambling, and poker and gambling in general. Here at Poker Online UK our small but dedicated online poker team rates these online poker site as being the best online poker sites on the internet:

Party Poker: Pokerrank 9/10

Party poker is our favourite online poker site: Party poker is the best online poker site for fun. The graphics & animation and look and feel of party poker gives you a better sense of playing a real game... read our full description and analysis of Party Poker to find out details about what makes Party Poker our favourite. To try party poker out for yourself click here for a free 100% on your first deposit.

Poker Stars: Pokerrank 9/10

This is a good place to play online poker. Many UK poker players think that this is the most professional poker site to play on. Find out more about what we think of Poker Stars. To try Poker Stars out for yourself and get a free sign up bonus of up to $100 click here.

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